Optical Mark Reader(OMR Scanner) is a high-tech data input device . NANHAO OMR can be widely used in education examinations, signing up, subject choice, data statistics and evaluation in fields such as vote, transportation, human resources, fiscal taxation and finance and so on.

 Now we have developed products:
MODEL Track spacing Feeding mode Speed pcs/hour (based on A4) Read Channels
OMR17FSMA 5.08 automatic 9000pcs 17
OMR43FSA 5.08 automatic 8000pcs 43
OMR50FSA 4.23 automatic 8000pcs 50
OMR43FDA 5.08 automatic 7000pcs 43
OMR50FDA 4.23 automatic 7000pcs 50
OMR43FBSA 5.08 automatic 7200pcs 43
OMR50FBSA 4.23 automatic 7200pcs 50
OMR43FBDA 5.08 automatic 6000pcs 43
OMR50FBDA 4.23 automatic 6000pcs 50
OMRP50FBSA 4.23 automatic 7200pcs 50
OMRH43FSA 5.08 automatic 7000pcs 43
OMRH50FSA 4.23 automatic 7000pcs 50
OMRM43FSA 5.08 manual 3000pcs 43
OMRM50FSA 4.23 manual 3000pcs 50
OMR25FSMA 5.08 automatic 8000pcs 25
OMR30FSMA 4.23 automatic 8000pcs 30

1.The explanation of OMR type apellation :
  • F means: reading the front face of form only (FACE)
  • B means: reading both the front and back face of form (BACK)
  • S means: reading only once for each form (SINGLE)
  • D means: reading twice for each form (DOUBLE)
  • P means: printing Exam ID (PRINTER)

  • 2.Note:This company recently unified the model of Optical Mark Reader(OMR Scanner) product
  • the original product 48 series unified change to 50 series,
  • the original product 41 series unified change to 43 series,