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With the instruction of Mr.Ni Guangnan, Academician of CAE (Chinese Academy of Engineering), NANHAO Group made a cooperation with CAS(Chinese Academy of Sciences) on R&D of National College Entrance Examination Online Scoring System due to the requirements from 350 high schools in China and overseas. NANHAO Group will develop into the latest generation software—Online Scoring System within 3 years. It is very popular in National College Entrance Examination, high school entrance examination and daily examination in China and overseas.

All the Info-Forms can be uploaded in the campus website where the students, teachers, patriarch and school administrators can also browse those Info-Forms, which will inspire the students who are with low mark to improve their achievement, guide the teachers to teach with a definite object in view and provide the credible proof for praising the teacher and students. Statistics showed that in high school, compared with the students who are not familiar with online scoring system, the students who are familiar with it can rise their scores by 10%. Online Scoring System is the effective tool to improve the quality of education.

NANHAO Online Scoring System Features:

Six Flexible:

Flexible in editing the exam forms:
Users can design exam for print or copy paper by themselves.

Flexible in defining report:
Besides hundreds of result analysis reports, users can add report by user-defined.

Flexible in designing the model:
Visual, accurate and strong recognitive in scanning and defining the datas and data block.

Flexible in the application areas:
Not only for exam web survey, but also used in file management and assessment in schools and other areas.

Flexible to extend:
It adopts B/S framework while users can add to terminals.

Flexible to connected with hardware:
Compatible with scanners such as Canon, Fujitsu, Avision ,Kodak and so on.

Five Recognitions:
Marking spot, barcode , handwriting numbers and English font, printed numbers and English font, special mark like “-”“v”“×”“?”and so on.
NANHAO Online Scoring System Working Flowchart


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Report form application in high school (sample)






































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National College Entrance Examination Answer Form (sample)